Eco & Waste Management

Eco & Waste Management

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SmartWaste System Overview

SmartWaste System is developed especially for waste collection companies in mind whom can greatly benefit from. Extensive research and development were carried out to produce the hardware and the methodology of installation to maximise the accuracy of the measurement in waste level, pollution in the environment and rodent control.

With the 3G connectivity of these sensors, data can be submitted back to company’s customised software on the cloud. Therefore, users can connect to the SmartWaste system anywhere as long as their mobile device or desktop computer is connected to the Internet.

Besides the advantage of being able to look into the overview of the company’s operation, user is able to further manage the fleet of waste collection trucks using GPS tracking and automatic map routing.

Through the strategic use of the hardware and software, SmartWaste System is able to help the company in reducing cost, increasing productivity.