RFID Tracker

RFID Tracker


  • In-house developed smart sensor mote for fitting onto different types of compactors.
  • GPS Module provides GPS Location and Tracking Data while the compactor is being taken the Incinerator Plant
  • 3G Connectivity to provide Real-time data feed to the Back-end System
  • Projected Life Span Rechargeable Battery is 1-2 years with Health indicator to alert for maintenance.

Software In the Cloud

  • Web-Cloud-Based Smart-Waste Management Portal
  • Professional- Responsive Web Application for Desktop PC/Tablets/Smart Phones for easy user usability
  • Dashboard Features with Configurable Key indicators and Alert Features.

Embedded Smart Bins

Running from


Each bin is tagged with RFID tag for the staffs to track if the waste has been collected.

With the record of the bins being collected as well as the waste level, the waste collection company is able to further understand the situation of the waste facilities in every corner of the island remotely. Therefore, effectively managing and planning when and where should the staffs be going to collect the waste. Reducing roaming effort, and increasing productivity.