Making Work Easy, as it should be

At our core, this is what we are about. Harnessing technologies available today and tomorrow, we hope to help the world work not only smarter, but easier. If work accomplished is directly related to effort, can we make less effort equate to more work accomplished?

Big Departures

With the dawn of IOT, big changes are on the horizon. Big changes from how we used to work, how we used to play, how we used to live, even how we used to use the stuff around us.

Fighting against inertia, we hope to be on the front lines of this quantum shift. It’s a one way ticket to a different way, a big departure.

Dialogues with the stuff around us

Awareness. That’s what talking to the stuff in our environment will bring us.

A new state of awareness where a bus stop bench tells us when the next bus is due to arrive, where your waste bin lets you know its full, where your dining table tells you how long till your meal arrives, where your fridge tells you that you are out of milk.

We want to help build this closer relationship with the world around us.

Brutal Practicality

Winning a beauty pageant in your basement is pointless. Our creations are mostly components built within a familiar product, hidden from sight and touch.

So we have focused all our resources to create reliable devices that work well, quietly in humility. All we need are clean lines and the truth.

Truth Builds Trust

Breaking new ground will always present surprises and obstacles. Our promise is to always keep our clients informed every step of the way and break through all challenges together.

With that belief, we are able to build lasting relationships with them through the years. For the talent within, we are building an inclusive environment, one where we all can thrive, progress and find delight daily.

We Believe In Relationships