ADAS and DSM Alerts

Protect your fleet and staff. With live ADAS and DSM alerts your investments are always safeguarded.

Driver State Monitoring (DSM)


Drivers can get tired and start to yawn or feel sleepy. The DSM detects this to prevent any driving lapses.


In case of reckless driving where the driver is looking elsewhere instead of the road in front, the DSM notifies you.


Using a phone while driving is dangerous. The DSM immediately notifies you if this is happening.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Lane Departure

Helps the driver to keep their trucks in its lane and prevent on-road collisions. The system generates audio-visual alerts if the vehicle starts deviating from its lane.

Forward Proximity Warning

Gives the driver advance alert if he is getting too close to a car in front. Accounts for speed of both the vehicles as well.

Forward Collision Warning

In-vehicle electronic system that notifies the driver in case of forward collision with any other vehicle or object in the roadway.