Introducing Blinc

Smart Waste Bins With Fill Level Sensor




Employing various sensing technologies, BLINC accurately determines your fill levels & transmits.


Cloud Server collects and analyses data, before alerting the right people at the right time.


Alerts via SMS emails and mobile app notifications, your team members will know exactly when and where they are needed.


Smartbins ensure they are attended at the right time.


Without any human intervention, this process resets itself automatically.




  • Waste of Effort
  • Waste of Trips

  • Waste of Money
  • Overflow of Bins

  • Waste of Time

  • Waste of Effort
  • Waste of Trips
  • Waste of Money
  • Overflow of Bins
  • Waste of Time

Fill Levels of bins are still usually inspected by visits which often yield empty or half-filled containers.
This is inefficient.
with BLINC you never have to physically inspect your bins again.

  • Mobile alert system will notify your team members when cleaning is required, saves time and resources.
  • Smart waste collection plans using real-time data to optimize resource allocation
  • Increases productivity and lowers operational costs by up to 80%
  • Stop the Guesswork. Leverage on data insights for effective deployment of bins at the right locations
  • Improved public cleanliness/ sanitation
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Eliminates Overflowing bins

Installation Sites

Shopping Malls

Airports, Hotels, Hospitals

Educational / Institution

Recreational Parks/ Resorts

Offices/ Industrial Areas

Houses/ Apartments

Changi Airport

“Smartcity has proven to be an invaluable partner, creating solutions to help our clients, achieve more, spend less and work more effectively. The R&D has been rock solid and they are steadfast in their commitment to the success of all projects. Their service and support have been excellent and we look forward to working together to build a smarter future.”

Mr Christopher Lopez


Use Cases:

2000+ Smart Bins

deployed across Singapore

  • 157 Smartbins deployed in Airport
  • 15 Smartbins deployed in Hospitals
  • 40 Smartbins deployed in Malls
  • 15 Smartbins deployed at Clubs
  • 15 Smartcompactors deployed islandwide

Other Usages

BLINC serves many other commercial applications and is attachable to various container types that requires real-time monitoring.

Waste Dustscrew

IBC Tank

Logistic Containers

Diesel Tank

Retail Fridge

Chest Freezer

Our Other Products

Smart Scales

  • Smart scales to help you collect weight data for waste before disposal into waste compactor at bin centers.
  • This is for mandatory reporting to NEA.
  • Weight is collected by platform equipped with load cells.
  • Classified on-site according to the source of the waste (tenants, departments, etc)
    Data is sent to server and automatic reports are generated on a real-time basis.

Use cases

Electronics factory

Component warehouse

Casino – bin center

3 Hotels – bin centers

5 Office buildings – bin centers

2 Shopping Malls – bin centers

Weigh in motion for waste trucks

  • On-board scales mounted on the lifting mechanism behind waste trucks.
  • Allows for weight data collection of every single load without any human intervention.
  • Measuring individual bin weight upto a resolution of 1kg.
  • Data is sent to the server in real-time where it’s classified and reports can be produced.

Use cases

8 trucks amongst PWCs

Other uses

Construction industry

Mining industry

Logistics industry

Waste compactors with bin lifters

  • Employee position tracking
  • Indoor assets tracking


  • Track check-in check-out
  • Door access control
  • Tracking movement within premises
  • Realtime reporting
  • Mobile app
  • Realtime notification
  • BLE based tracking

Use cases

  • Student tracking in a Malaysian university
  • 6000 Malaysian convenience stores – tracking staff movement & inactivity.
  • Singaporean casino waste bin tracking

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