Transforming Public Waste Collection

With the dawn of IOT, SMARTCITY SOLUTIONS with OTTO has developed a suite of solutions designed to digitally transform PUBLIC WASTE COLLECTION


Using RFID, GPS, and Surround View Cameras track the proof of waste collection for every cleanup.


Who produces what type of waste (RFID)


On board weighing allows to check how much waste is being collected.


Telematics, surround view cameras, MobileEye allow you to ensure safety and security of your fleet and drivers.

Operational Cost Control

Remotely diagnose your fleet using telematics for pre-emptive action.

Manage Public Liability

Keep an eye on driver behaviour and record any incidents using telematics and surround view camera

Asset Management

Use GPS and asset tracking to track, monitor, and protect your assets.

Efficiency and Productivity

Automated operations and reporting – no additional action for staff.

One unified integrated system allowing for cost savings and ease of use.


A powerful command centre tool intended to convert your fleet into extensions of your office.

Designed to display essential LIVE operational data that your executives need through the daily operations.

A powerful command center tool, intended to convert your fleet into extensions of your office.

  • Fleet Live Location Status (Map)
  • Asset Live Location Status (Map)
  • Live Total Daily Collection: Collected vs Scheduled (Pie Chart)
  • Live Total Load Collection: By cluster/type of premises/type of waste (Bar Chart)
  • Telematics Alerts (List)
  • Event Reporting (List)
  • Container Fill Level (Map)
  • Driver / Command Center Communication (Chatbox)
  • Event Reporting (List)
  • Alert and Notifications (List)

Client Manager

  • Add, edit and delete all Clients. (In PWC operations: Landed, HDB Blocks, CCs, Schools, Buildings, etc)
  • Categories and fields are customizable: (e.g. Sector, Cluster, Type of Premises, Address, Collection Frequency, Load estimates, Remarks)
  • Stores assigned assets to each clients.
  • View map with assigned assets.

Route Manager

  • Set and calculate estimated collection loads, number of stops and time to completion. (New sector planning)

  • Add, edit and delete routes via map waypoints and route tracing including to/from depot, IP and MRF.
  • Assign clients and corresponding containers to created routes.

Geofence Load Module

  • Interface for user to create geofenced clusters
  • Calculates and presents accurate load data as per Geofence parameters

Collection Scheduler

  • Schedule Routes to Vehicles to Staff according to days (recurring function).
  • View total scheduled collection numbers and estimated loads by Day
  • Make LIVE changes to plans and automatically keep staff updated via Communicator Module.

Live View

  • Live View of onboard CCTV (Low res and 20 secs limit)
  • Playback function
  • Instruct crew via COMMUNICATOR module for physical download

Telematics Manager

  • Collects, stores and presents all telematics data from onboard telematics, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assitance System) and DSM (Driver State Monitoring).
  • Eg. Fuel Efficiency, Mileage, Fatigue Warning, Distraction (Out of Sight), Camera Covered, Phoning, Smoking, Driver Change, Infrared Blocking, Lane Departure, Forward Proximity Warning, Forward Collision Warning
  • Mobilise/immobilise vehicles remotely based on pre-defined parameters. Eg. Driver verification and submission of pre-ops vehicle check.

Fill Level Manager

  • Displays fill level of all BLINC equipped containers.
  • Stores and recalls all triggers and resets.
  • Customisable commands.


  • Live chat with ground crew with picture upload function
  • Send and receives:
    • Plans and schedules
    • Commands and acknowledgements
    • Event Logs
  • Display all alerts and notifications received (mirrored to Dashboard)

Container Manager

Add, edit and delete all of your containers (MGBs, Sideloader Bins, Compactors, Dustdrums, Dustscrews)

  • Containers (Bins, OTCs, Compactors) IOT Devices, Driver Tablets.
  • Categories and fields are customizable: (e.g. Tag ID, Type of container, Waste Type, Capacity, Sector, Co-ordinates, Load estimates)
  • Live View of all GPS enabled Assets (Mirrored to dashboard)

Fleet Manager

  • Add, edit and delete your fleet (RELs, Prime Movers, Sideloader trucks, etc)
  • Categories and fields are customizable: (e.g. Reg No., Date Of Registration, Make, Model, Type of Vehicle, Sector, Road Tax expiry, Maintenance Interval, Remarks)
  • Log all reported faults and maintenance schedules and repair works of vehicle.
  • Track status: Operational, Under Repair, Laid Up, etc
  • Live View of all GPS enabled Vehicles (Mirrored to dashboard)
  • Playback function of Fleet Movement
  • Recall Fleet Telematics from Telematics Manager

Device Manager

  • Add, edit and delete your devices (Onboard MCU-Microcontrollers, Onboard Tablets, Mobile RFID Android Readers, Smartbins, Smartcompactors, Telematics, ADAS, DSM, etc)
  • Stores assigned devices to fleet or client.
  • View map of all GPS Enabled Devices

Staff Manager

  • Add, edit and delete all vehicular based staff and record all corresponding fields and categories.
  • Recall Driver Behaviour History from Telematics Manager.
  • Expandable in the future to log and track further functions of HR (eg. Leave management, payroll management, etc)

Easy Read Manager

  • Collects and collates data received Android Mobile Handheld Readers: Date, Time, Tag Id, Co-ordinates and picture proof of collection.
  • Stores pictures from Handheld reader for one month
  • Accessible through Collection History Report

Hopper Snapshot DB

  • Collects and collates data received CCTV
  • Stores all hopper snapshots and data packets
  • Accessible through Collection History Report

Surround Snapshot DB

  • Collects and collates data received CCTV
  • Stores all surround snapshots and data packets.
  • Accessible through Communicator/Collection History Report

Collection History Report

  • Collects and collates data received from devices and databases: Date, Time, Tag Id, Truck Id, Device Id, Client Id, Address, Nett Weight, Location.
  • Access database of Easy Read Manager, hopper and surround snapshot for proof of collection. Access database of Geofence Load Module for Collected loads.
  • Multiple presentation formats inclusive of Historical Playback function. (Map)
  • CSV Downloads
  • Automated Reports to Government Authorities or Clients.
  • LIVE reporting of scheduled collections vs real time collections (mirrored to Dashboard)
  • LIVE reporting of load data via Geofence Load Module (mirrored to Dashboard)

Public App Manager

  • Create, add and delete MARCOMM posts on public app (eg. Recycle right tips, collection schedules, incentive programmes, editorials etc.)
  • Receive requests from public (eg. Bulk waste collection) with response function (via email)
  • Receive feedback from public (eg. Bin damage) with response function (via email)
  • Manage rewards system for public schemes (eg. Cash for trash)

GreenTIP Evolution Package

In order for GREENTIP to evolve to better serve your organisation, we encourage scheduled dialogues for continued enhancement.

This will allow us to design digital solutions to supercharge productivity and sharpen your competitive edge.

It is not confined to asset and collection management.

For the duration of the subscription, dedicated resources will be assigned for:

  • Unlimited changes (cloud based app, driver mobile app, and public facing app)
  • Server maintenance and archiving
  • Mandatory Investigations
  • Mandatory Reporting