Transforming Public Waste Collection

With the dawn of IOT, SMARTCITY SOLUTIONS with OTTO has developed a suite of solutions designed to digitally transform PUBLIC WASTE COLLECTION


Using RFID, GPS, and Surround View Cameras track the proof of waste collection for every cleanup.


Who produces what type of waste (RFID)


On board weighing allows to check how much waste is being collected.

Safety and Security of Fleet and Drivers

Telematics, surround view cameras, MobileEye allow you to ensure safety of your assets.

Operational Cost Control

Remotely diagnose your fleet using telematics for pre-emptive action.

Manage Public Liability

Keep an eye on driver behaviour and record any incidents using telematics and surround view camera

Asset Management

Use GPS and asset tracking to track, monitor, and protect your assets.

Efficiency and Productivity

Automated operations and reporting – no additional action for staff.

One unified integrated system allowing for cost savings and ease of use.

Giving Trash an Identity

Employing RFID, NFC or QR Codes, our SMART WASTE TRACK AND TRACE SYSTEM identifies when and where waste is collected, with no disruption to current collection methods, in real time.

For Bins to be read by Trucks

Passive Adhesive Tags

  • Easy installation
  • No battery
  • Durable and low cost

For Bins to be read by Smartphones

NFC/QR Codes

For CRCs to be read by Trucks

RFID cards employed due to metallic compaction units

On Board Equipment

High Performance 4 Channel RFID Readers3 X Weather-Proof Small Antennas for PWC application.

Seamless onboard weighing solution

Measure to reduce

Employing the use of high grade loadpins, customised to each different type of lifter, our onboard weighing solution measures nett weight between what was lifted and what was set down.

High zoom level

Through RFID, the weight is then assigned accurately (1KG) to the exact bin lifted and via a mobile network, this critical information is sent to our cloud server.

No additional steps

Operators carry out normal operations with no additional steps and no need to wait for readings to settle, thus, allowing for efficient operations.

Weigh-in-motion to reduce pick-up cycle time

Accuracy – Repeatable weights with greater than 98% accuracy

Once a year recommended calibration (not weekly or daily)

Unforgiving durability to withstand the rugged use and harsh climate environments

Easy-to-read in-cab display to track the net weight. No more under loading, wasted labour and wasted fuel