Powerful softwares and apps to give you control

We don’t just sell hardware. We make user friendly and sleek software on top of it so that you can be on top of your business. Always!

100% operational visibility

  • Types of bins being used and their frequency.
  • Type of waste being discarded - general, carton, plastic, metal, etc.
  • Weight of every discard

Visualise your data

Interactive and meaningful charts to help you make sense of your data and team’s performance.

Route Planner

Plan the sequence in which collection has to be done for optimized fuel efficiency and time management.

Onboard Driver Microcontroller and Tablet

Installed in-cabin, our Microcontrollers/Tablets acts as a datahub for the vehicle, a hotspot for wifi enabled equipment and an essential communication tool. Truly transforming your fleet into extensions of your command center.

Collects and collates data without driver involvement
Calibrates and controls the Onboard Weighing Solutions
Powerful Communication tool with command center
Acts as a powerful hotspot
Plans and schedule manager for crew
Navigation tool for staff
Integration with 3rd Party systems are welcomed.

An extension of your command center

Tailor made to your operations, our Onboard Driver App keeps the cabin aware of LIVE situations and allows for command centre to communicate effortlessly with your fleet.