Surround View Vision

Vehicles are now an extension of the offices, they are connected virtually, communicating regularly and are better utilised than ever before.

Proof of Collection

Hopper view camera enables to capture proof of collection. An important way of monitoring efficiency and productivity.

Event Logging

Log events using exterior view snapshot, with in cabin trigger.

Safety, Productivity, and Performance

Enhanced Visibility

Camera systems improve driver safety by enhancing visibility for collision avoidance, even in bad weather and low light conditions.

View switching

Monitors programmed to switch views when a turn signal (indicator or similar trigger) is activated.


Display a single image, two-in-one or quad images to provide driver views of front and side blind spots.

Hopper View Snapshot

Check what’s being collected from the hopper view camera. Works in accumulating proof of collection.

Cable free

Wireless systems do not require extensive cabling.